Trying to grow your business but have no idea what to do next?

Running in circles trying #allthethings but nothing’s working?

Lemme know if this sounds familiar: 

You hustle HARD trying to put your services or creations out there, posting and engaging until your fingers are sore. But no matter what you do you’re still not even close to having a sustainable business, let alone quitting that dead-end 9-5 job you feel so trapped in.

(Let’s face it, J-O-B really just stands for “just over broke” and that is SO not a vibe.)

Sales are only trickling in, if at all, or you keep attracting low-balling clients who leave you frustrated and drained. Sometimes you wonder if this “entrepreneurship thing” is meant for you, which leads you to self-doubt and many a night crying yourself to sleep because all you can think about is that your dream will never come true and you’ll stay stuckinalifeyouhateforeverand…

Google and YouTube have been your best friends as you’ve tried to figure out this business stuff on your own, because you TOTALLY could do it on your own (how’s that working so far?), and you have a fully-stocked inventory of freebies and “freemium advice” sitting in your inbox collecting digital dust. Can we say #shinyobjectsyndrome ?

Worse, you watch others’ businesses take off and wonder

“why doesn’t it work for me?”

PSSSST!! Here’s a secret:

It’s because you aren’t using the strategies and tools that are right for YOU!

Think about your favorite MMO/RPG game (shoutout to my World of Warcraft players!). What happens when you try to use a weapon or gear that isn’t made or designed for your character’s class? Or when your stats aren’t at the right level to wield said weapon or gear? It doesn’t work! Either you have bad experiences (irl: attracting the wrong clients in your biz; not selling your “wares”), or you’re unable to use the item on hand (irl: you stay stuck in your crappy 9-5).

That sucks, amiright?!

So how do you find out what strategies and tools work for you?

How do you know what your “stats” even are?

pixel coin
pixel coin
pixel coin
pixel coin

Well, remember that description above? Yeah, that was me. I totally get the struggle of feeling like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make progress in your business. That no matter what you do you’re just going to be doomed to failure. After spending several years trying to grow my business, I just wasn’t getting anywhere. I couldn’t figure out why others thrived, consistently bringing in clients, while I was doing the same things they were and still unable to quit my day-job.

I was so overwhelmed and frustrated from constantly running in circles, chasing after marketing strategies and burning myself out. I was that girl in the dead-end job with crippling depression and anxiety. I, too, was caught up in the shiny-object hamster wheel who had 5,297 emails from all the popular “gurus,” desperately wanting SOMETHING to work.

But I realized that “something” wasn’t coming from someone’s freemium content or automated webinar.  The solution was getting crystal clear on what drives ME. What MY passions are. What MY perfect strategy could bring.

Then it hit me: astrology, duh!

See, astrology is more than those cutesy weekly Sun Sign horoscopes you see online or in magazines. Matter of fact, those are honestly just a bunch of bullsh*t. There’s a whole world of knowledge and psychological goodness below the surface. Through astrology we can better understand what makes us tick. We can use that knowledge to our advantage in all areas of life. Yes, even in your business. 

I want to help you discover that for YOUR business, too!

🌟   🌟   🌟  🌟  🌟

Take a moment to imagine:

pixel coin  what it would be like to have the freedom to create what you’re passionate about,
and help the clients who truly valued your work and services

pixel coin  not having to fumble around trying to piecemeal together a strategy based on what worked
for everyone else (hint: it doesn’t always, they just make it look easy)

pixel coin  being paid for what you LOVE and finally ditching that mind-numbing 9-5, taking vacations
whenever you choose because you can literally work anywhere

🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

Did you just drool all over your crappy corporate keyboard daydreaming about how awesome all that would be? Thought so. If you’re ready to finally end the cycle of looking for all the answers on the outside, let’s go within and create a thriving business that is fully in alignment with YOUR unique soul’s purpose. (Also, you might want to clean up that keyboard.)

So how do we get there?

We’ll need a Star Map to guide us!

You wouldn’t play a game without a map showing where all the cities and quest areas are, right? Well it’s the same for your business. You need to have a way to find out where you should go to claim your victory and LEVEL-UP!

A Star Map is what I call your astrological makeup. Quite literally, it’s a “map” of the stars and planets on the exact moment you came into this world. And it holds the answers to how we can unlock your Awesome Stat and actualize your full biz potential!

Here’s what it can help with:

🎮  Establishing your “WHY” – why do you want to do what you do? What motivates you?

🎮  Learning your “Brand Personality™” based on psychology and astrology – it’s a science!

🎮  Blasting negative and harmful mindset traps (what I call mindset Glitch Monsters)

🎮  Communicating your offers effectively to your niche – and making more sales!

🎮  Understanding which practical strategies work for YOUR biz to build your online presence

🎮  Supercharging your biz and becoming an undefeatable BOSS!

A wild program appears...

_Boss Level: Elite_

An intense, supercharged 30-day mentorship for BOSSES!

🌟   🌟   🌟  🌟  🌟

Here’s what’s inside
(duh nuh nuh naaaaaa!!):

🎮 your unique Star Map detailing your strengths and weaknesses

🎮 mindset hacks for REBOOTING your glitchy programming

🎮 practical strategies to maximize your biz Talent Tree

🎮 branding tips that work for YOUR business and unique personality

🎮 weekly Zoom calls for guidance and accountability

🎮 tarot readings for added support and guidance on your journey

🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

You know you were meant to do something great with your gifts. Why else would you feel so passionate about doing what you love and sharing it with the world? You need someone to help show you the path forward. I gotchu!

Who is this program for?

🎮  millennial women who are creative self-starters eager to transform their biz and life

🎮  nerdy bloggers + vloggers, coaches, VA’s & handmade crafters

🎮  those open to spiritual topics, or at least woo-curious, and willing to face their shadow

🎮  new biz owners wanting to get out of their j.o.b. and be free

Why should you work with me?

In addition to my formal education and previous professional experience in the website and branding design industry, I also have studied psychology from an early age through my late mother, who was a psychologist (among many other talents). Astrology has been a passion of mine as well for many many years. In short, I have the knowledge and experience to help you get to where you want to be!

In this program, not only will you get astrological and psychological insight into how to use your unique personality to build your brand, you’ll also learn design industry standards and secrets you won’t get just anywhere.

No cookie-cutter courses here! You’ll get personalized solutions based on YOUR individual makeup.

A word of warning though, adventurer…

This program is intense and deeply transformative. This is NOT for you if you:

X aren’t ready to give up the B.S. excuses you’ve been telling yourself

X are too afraid to take action to improve your business and your life

X aren’t open to the power of mindset or any of that “woo-woo stuff”

X aren’t disciplined enough to actually DO the work, consistently

So, are you ready to REBOOT your biz and live your dream life?
Are you ready to finally get out of that soul-less J-O-B, stop crying yourself to sleep at night, and transport yourself to a new world?

If your reaction just then was to say “YES” to your screen, out loud, then here’s your first quest:
fill out this application & tell me what you want the next 60 days to feel like.

1up pixel heart

Got questions?

No worries! In Boss Level: Elite you’ll get all the best tech specs from a former professional website designer (me), which include how to build a website from scratch, and how to maintain it. This will give you total control over your own content so you can confidently change it up anytime YOU want!

Boss Level: Elite can absolutely help you create a business from scratch. In fact, that’s actually the perfect place to start, as we’ll be covering how to find your soul calling and how to make sure your business is aligned to your unique talents and abilities.

However, if you’d like to get help on where to start, but aren’t sure if you want to invest in this particular program, I do offer a 1-hour strategy call here!

I get it. There are loads of other business coaches, strategists and experts out there who all do great work, and who also provide mindset training work. Hell, there are even other astrologers and tarot readers who provide business coaching. It can be overwhelming to make that choice.

What makes me stand out? My experience and empathy.

With me, you’re not just getting a computer generated astrology birth chart and some take-away positive affirmations. Nope. True to my Scorpio self, I go way, WAY deeper than that. Yes, I am formally trained in both web + graphic design with a background in psychology. Yes, I am also an esoteric astrologer and intuitive tarot reader. But I go beyond those titles to provide you with a solid and supportive foundation on which to grow. During our time together I’ll be there for you. I’ll help you through deeply rooted fears and emotional pain that is blocking you from becoming the creative, successful business owner you know you can be. Plus, there will be memes.

But more importantly, I’ve been where you are now. I know how you feel from personal experience. I want to help you become an unbeatable BOSS!

I’m not gonna keep anything from you, ever! So yes, there will be a few things you will need to cover in order to make this program work well:

Website hosting & domain name – if you don’t have it already, then this will be a necessary expense in order to have an online presence. You’re gonna want an online presence. A domain can be purchased for about $12-14/year, and hosting is typically about $60ish/year. If you want a deal on your first year I can hook you up through my hosting & domain provider of choice!

WordPress plugins & apps –  there are free versions for nearly all plugins or apps I would recommend based on your needs, but their pro versions definitely have benefits! You might want to eventually upgrade even if you start off with the free version. Trust me, it’s worth it!

An ad budget – though not required to get your name out there, it does help speed up the process! At the end of this program I do make mention of the benefits of Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. advertising, and how to run an effective ad campaign. Again, advertising isn’t required, but it’s very helpful, so if you can I would make space for it in your budget when the time comes.

Yaaaayyyyy!! So now you just need to accept the quest (fill out the application). After that, I’ll get back with you within 24 hours and send you my schedule link to book a quick chat. If we’re a good fit, then we’ll talk about how we can co-create your future biz!