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“Do I need an email subscriber list?”
“Who the heck came up with “blog” anyway?”
(Answer: here )

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Athena Rose
Athena Rose
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Amanda did an awesome business astrology reading for me! It was so helpful and insightful! I really loved all the knowledge she had and brought in for me. Thank you so much Amanda!!
Alyssa Byrnes
Alyssa Byrnes
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Amanda was kind while also being real. She helped me get through the issues I was having and got me out of my head. The cards don't lie! If you want the truth without all the fluff, talk to Amanda!
Chyris Alana
Chyris Alana
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My reading from Amanda was fabulous and so on point for where I'm at in my journey. Thank you so much!
Nadine Wu
Nadine Wu
Read More
Fast turnaround! My astro-geography print is really interesting to look at, and has sparked curiosity in some of my guests and family. I'm actually proud to display it knowing it represents who I am astrologically.

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