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Get your own piece of sky to display proudly in your home with this personalized Astro-geography art print!

Have you ever wanted to see what the sky looked like when you were born? Ever had your astrological natal chart read?

This print is a visual representation of your personal natal chart, created in artistic formation. The large outer circle outlines the chart as a whole while the inner lines represent all the aspects and angles that make your chart, and your personality, unique. All is placed on a beautiful space background to give that perfect galaxy vibe you can be proud to show off!

To create your personalized piece I will need the following:

  • full name (middle initial only, if you want to include it)
  • accurate time of birth (this is crucial!)
  • date of birth
  • city/state/province/country of birth
  • current residence – if not given, your birth place will be used

You can choose between having a high-resolution, print-ready PDF sent to your provided email address, or have a print sent to you. Make sure to add any special instructions at checkout! 💜


Please allow 7 business days for completion, and delivery of PDF.

Have a favorite print shop? Let me know and I can use their own specs. If not, I can recommend my favorites!

Colors cannot be changed, as these colors are used in astrology to represent the meanings of each type of aspect as it relates to the planets, signs and houses. For instance: red/pink = “squares” and “oppositions”; green = “trines”; blue/purple = “sextiles”

Your space background may or may not be the ones depicted in the product images. It’s a surprise! Space backgrounds are chosen by me according to what looks best depending on what your chart provides, and therefore lends to the piece.

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