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If you are wanting to start a business, or reboot your current business, this is what you need.


Want to know how astrology can help you create a dream business that aligns with your soul purpose?

If you have your exact birth time, date, and place, I can help you uncover your hidden talents and what kind of business you would shine in. I can also help you understand the best ways to run your business, down to the branding and colors! If you are wanting to start a business, or reboot your current business, this is what you need.

What happens in a reading:

  • Enter your exact birth time, date and place (down to the minute or it won’t work!) in the Order Notes during the checkout process.
  • Once I receive your info I’ll get to work on your reading. This reading will be an overview of specific aspects in your astrological natal chart that tell about your talents, strengths, weaknesses, and best ways you can fulfill your purpose in this life, as it all pertains to business (this is NOT a personal or love reading).
  • During the reading I will attempt to connect with your higher self and my own intuition and guides, so please ground and take care of your energies to keep the channels clear and free of harmful influences. (If you need help grounding please let me know via email (with your order number for reference) and I can send you articles or videos that I have found helpful in my own grounding practice.)
  • Within 3-5 business days I will email you the reading. The information and advice within is only suggestive. You may choose to follow at your own discretion.


These reports are hand-written by yours truly, not computer generated. So you’re getting my eyeballs on your chart with my personal interpretations.

Does that sound awesome to you? If so, grab this reading and let me help you to become BOSS!


^ This is a one-time reading and will not place you on my mailing list. If you would like to receive future offers and other awesome news you can sign up through the link at the bottom of this page!



Tarot/oracle card/astrological readings are for general “entertainment” purposes, and NOT meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions or give financial advice. Please contact the appropriate providers for these topics. The purpose of any reading is for guidance ONLY.

Advice given within a reading is optional, and you are not required to adhere to it. You have complete control over your own actions, and therefore are solely responsible for choices you make in response to said advice. No reader, including myself, can be held liable by law. Please understand this before purchasing any reading.

At any time while attempting to connect to the messages, if I feel strange or dark energies present, to the point that I feel myself in spiritual and energetic danger, I will promptly shut the reading down and refund your money immediately. I will then send you an email letting you know what happened, and why I will not complete your reading. At this point, your purchase will be refunded and we will go our separate ways.


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That’s why each month I donate a portion of my profits to Alley Cat Allies.

This non-profit gloabal organization helps ensure every community and shelter has policies and programs in place to save cats’ lives, and protects against animal cruelty and abandonment. With over 650,000 supporters worldwide, and founded in 1990, Ally Cat Allies is one of the most well-known and loved animal charities around.

By working with me, or purchasing from my shop, you are allowing me to contribute to the safety and protection of cats everywhere.

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