Habitica - a productivity app for gamers

So us gamers, geeks and otakus have been given a bad reputation. That we spend all our free time involving ourselves in our passion of choice and never get anything accomplished IRL. For some that may be the case. For the rest of us, we often leave people scratching their heads. They wonder what exactly we’ve accomplished with our time while we boast of all our in-game wins, or how many completed manga are sitting on our shelves. Well now we can give PROOF of our productivity!

What if I told you there was a game that helped you increase productivity, yes really, which rewarded you with loot and XP, and even punished you for skipping out on stuff? What if I told you that game was on iOS, Android and PC? That game is Habitica.

Habitica logo

Habitica is a productivity app that is literally made for gamers and geeks! No boring interfaces here! This app is rich with vibrant colors, 8-bit avatars and items, and many guilds and parties to choose from where you can fight bosses (by completing tasks you set in your habits and to-dos lists). You even have an inventory, can change your avatar’s appearance with stat-boosting items, get drops from completing quests, and can get mounts! Pretty awesome.

Because this game hits that “reward center” of the brain, just like regular games, it can keep you focused and goal-oriented while you level-up your life. I’ve been using this game for a while now, and I’ve become much more active in completing daily tasks, as well as in keeping up with reminders and building better, healthier habits. When I wake up I actually look forward to getting my check-in bonus, and throughout the day I’m excited to check off things on my lists, to see what stuff I might collect. It’s also fun to interact with my guilds (chat groups based on various themes).

example of leveling up
example of in-game stats

It’s definitely become a positive part of my day, and has increased my productivity. Mater of fact, it helped me stay focused on completing this very post! Get the app and try it for yourself!

Speaking of productivity and fun, I’ve got a treat to share with you! If you haven’t seen my MomoCon 2018 video, I went to this year’s event and saw so many awesome artists and vendors! One of them was GinGee Girls Art. They make amazing, engraved drinkware in all kinds of designs of geeky awesomeness!

I purchased the WoW Alliance beer stein (#forthealliance!) and RWBY coffee mug below and love them so much!! They make me look forward to that first cup of coffee of the day, and a nice cold drink at night, adding another level of productivity to my day.

Looky!  ^v^

GinGee Girls awesome drinkware

Go check them out on Facebook and Instagram! They have a huge library of designs to choose from. And if there’s something specific you want that they don’t already make, they are totally happy to create something custom for you. Just ask them, they’re super cool!

Do you already use Habitica? Tell me about it below! Already have an engraved glass or mug from GinGee Girls? Show it off and share where you heard about them!

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    1. I used Wunderlist for a long time, but there was no drive to stay on task, and soon the desktop version started having issues and wouldn’t sync. I got annoyed and stopped using it. But Habitica is fun and makes me want to keep checking things off my lists so I get more done!

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