May the Stars Guide You:

How Astrology Can Save Your Business

Purple Galaxy Astrology Wheel
“What’s your sign?”

This is a pretty common question thrown around in a lighthearted attempt to get to know someone.

Almost everyone knows their sun sign, and all the stereotypical “traits” each sign is notorious for. Most people think of astrology the same way they think of those popular Buzzfeed quizzes: fun at parties but should be taken with a grain of salt. Just for laughs.

But did you know that astrology can help you create an awesome biz that works for you?

“Wait a minute. So you mean to tell me the coordinates of planets in space make a difference in how I run my business?”


See, everyone on this Earth has a unique soul purpose. We all have the innate ability to offer something special to the collective human experience. Astrology can help us to see how we can be more effective at living that soul purpose. How do you find yours?

You need a Star Map!

This Star Map, what I call your astrological Natal or Birth Chart, is what we astrologers look at when we want to understand all about a person. It’s the same as looking at an in-game map to understand where you need to go to complete your next quest or fight that raid boss.

A Natal Chart gives us a bird’s eye view of your life and its challenges, and where your soul wants to go in this life. How? Through psychology and an understanding of personality archetypes (and a bit of fun mythology).

Image by svetlanabar from PixabayWhat does that mean for you?

Well, in astrology, each planet has a meaning tied to a psychological trait, emotion, or state of being. We each have our own unique configuration of these physiological traits, or coordinates of planets, that gives us abilities we need to level-up in our soul purpose.

Knowing what each planet represents in relation to where they are placed in your Natal Chart can help you on your soul journey, or main storyline, to keep on with the gamer analogy.

For my scientific friends out there, astrology holds that we are all made up of an intricately balanced mathematical calculation of the elements, planets, and other heavenly bodies interacting within a structured system of houses, degrees, angles, and of course, over 5,000 years of psychology.

As a matter of fact, ancient societies used astrology to heal the sick and to plan harvests. Astrologers then were the scientists and doctors of their day, and the calculations and interpretations hold up accurately still today, thousands of years later. Pretty cool, huh?

The reason astrology is so important in our business and life is that our existence matters to the people we are here to help in this lifetime. As individuals we each have our own perspectives and life lessons, which we can use to share our wisdom and experiences for others to learn and grow from.

Astrology provides the Star Map from which we can understand our journey, and accelerate our leveling-up process.

Would you like your very own Star Map? I’ve got a free chart calculator here! You can also purchase a full auto-generated report to get more in-depth. If you REALLY want to understand your main mission here on Earth, definitely check out the shop for more! And as my fellow World of Warcraft friends would say, may the stars guide you.

Do you know your Sun Sign? Comment below how you think your astrological chart has impacted your life so far!

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