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* Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, which help support my work. *

Whether you’re just starting to build your business, or have been growing for a while, having the right tools at the ready is critical to building a successful biz. Even better if they are FREE! Here are 5 free resources for your business I highly recommend.


Unsplash logoNeed the perfect image for your website background or social media graphic? I recommend Unsplash! It’s a site where photographers and artists upload their free-use, royalty images for anyone to use. All they ask for is credit on your works. If you really LOVE a particular content creator on the site you can also choose to support them! There is even a members’ area where you can save your favorites and upload your own images for free-use, among other perks. And it’s totally free!

Alternatively, Pexels is another free site for not only images, but also short videos. Again, it’s all free-use, royalty-free content as long as you credit the content creators.


Later logoLater is a free social media scheduling tool that keeps everything organized so you slay your social media strategy. Just upload your images (or use the built-in stock photos), add your captions, and schedule your post. When it’s time, Later will remind you. I love Later’s preview function that let’s you plan out how your feed will look. Later also enables you to link specific posts to various websites or blog posts. With the paid plan you can schedule more feed posts per month, and add hashtag groups directly to your scheduled posts!


Simbi logoSimbi is a unique community market platform that enables members to connect with people who can provide a service or product they are in need of. The idea is to form a “symbiotic” community (hence the name), which is why the platform uses its own currency basis called “Simbi” (of course), not money! I love the idea behind this growing platform, as it encourages working together, rather than exploitation. If you’d like to get started on the platform you can use my link to get a boost on your Simbi reserves!


Canva logoNow, as a former professional designer I create the majority of my social media content and website graphics in Photoshop. Like many other professionals in the field I used to view template sites like Canva as “cheating,” and a threat to the profession as a whole. And I still believe that one needs to understand the process of “good” design psychology in order to create a killer brand presence.

However, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that these sites make designing simple graphics and documents more accessible for those who don’t have such training, or can’t afford to hire a designer (yet!). Canva is super simple to use, and have a wide variety of templates to get you started. It can be accessed on multiple platforms so you can edit and save across all your devices. Canva is free to use for simple projects, but the paid plan is really affordable too!


Habitica logoI’ve posted about this gem before, but it deserves more recognition! Habitica is essentially a task manager, but cooler. It combines planner and task manager functionality with daily tracker, and smashes it all up into a super awesome gamification system! You get to “train” your avatar (a cute pixel render) by completing tasks, to-dos, and dailies, and can unlock special gear and other cool items. There are even guilds you can join for accountability! This app is multi-platform, so you can manage all your stuff no matter where you are, at your desk or on the go.

These are all apps I use personally, so you can be sure I’ve quality-checked them all! You will definitely up your biz game using them.

Want more recommendations? Check out my freebie FREE & LOW-COST RESOURCES LIST!”

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