Who am I really?

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My Origin Story - or, the story of how I got here

Every good novel or game character needs an origin story, right? Well here's mine! So I'm a tarot reader and astrologer with a dual degree in Website and Graphic Design. Wait. What? Yep, you read that right. But why? Well, let me take you back to where it all started... (cue dream sequence)

Ok, I’m not going back that far. You have more important things to do! But I will tell you that from where I started to where I am today was quite an interesting journey. See, I previously worked in the website and graphic design industry. I even started my own design business.

My website design and branding business was open for 10 years. My baby. I just knew I was put here on this earth to create. I wanted to help other creative entrepreneurs to get their businesses out there in front of more eyeballs, and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside about their online presence. To find creative solutions to make their biz more awesome.

But life had other plans…

Over the years as my life circumstances evolved and changed, so too did my focus. Each time, the old ideals and business models fell out of alignment with my ever-changing perspectives on life, replaced by a fresh new model with upgraded, ever-so-slightly changed focuses. But through it all I stuck to my chosen field of website design and branding.

I didn’t want to give up on my dream of being able to help my clients create awesome branding and websites. However, I started realizing that more often than not, I ended up mentoring my clients, and providing valuable life insights that helped them achieve clarity and new direction became center focus. Eventually I decided to make one more, albeit heart wrenching business change; I closed my old business.

Through all the struggles life threw at me that took a great amount of effort to overcome, I have learned many lessons. So wisdom. Much wow. 😑 Because of this, and also my background in psychology (thanks mom!), I now find myself in a prime position to help others through their own issues so they can finally become a BOSS!

And so, Mystic Nerd was born from the ashes of my old business, and my desire to find creative solutions to help people unlock their Awesome™️.

When I’m not communing with other-dimensional peeps or studying astrology charts, you can find me playing World of Warcraft, working on a digital art piece, crafting random projects, or moon gazing – usually with tea or coffee in hand. My guilty pleasure: reading (and writing!) fanfiction 😅


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